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There are many options when you are looking for a new blown glass pipe.

Regardless of your stance on the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, it is hard to argue that the tax revenue from recreational marijuana has been astounding. Recreational marijuana has generated more money in tax revenue than anyone thought that it would and the numbers just keep on growing. Many people believed that legalization marijuana would have many negative impacts, including increasing use amongst minors and increasing criminal activity, however there has not been any evidence to suggest that those things have happened. Recreational marijuana has been legal in the state of Colorado for more than nine months now and we have yet to see any drastic changes in criminal activity or increased use amongst minors. In fact, some studies suggest that legalizing marijuana has actually decreased use amongst minors and decreased criminal activity due to the decimation of drug purchases through the “black market”. These days in Colorado, and specifically in the city of Denver, you can find a recreational marijuana dispensary in practically any neighborhood. While the presence of dispensaries is greater in some areas than in others, it seems that they are more common than coffee shops. That means that it may be easier to find a recreational marijuana dispensary than it is to get a latte.

With the legalization of marijuana has come a huge increase in the number of head shops in the state of Colorado. Head shops are places where you can buy marijuana smoking accessories such as blown glass pipes, glass bongs, and vape pens. There are many different types and styles of marijuana smoking dispensaries to meet the needs of the many different people who smoke marijuana. Some people prefer to smoke out of blown glass pipes because of their size and convenience. Others prefer to smoke out of glass bongs because it is said to be smoother and easier on your throat and lungs. Vape pens are a recent craze that are supposed to be healthier and less damaging to your lungs. Vape pens essentially use hot vapor that is inhaled by the smoker instead of smoke. These types of smoking devices are also very easy to tote around and can find easily in to your pocket or purse. They look similar to a pen that you would write with and are therefore much easier to carry around. There truly is a smoking device out there to fit the needs of any type of smoker and the variety is great in Colorado.

One of Colorado’s premier head shops is Blown Glass Gifts. They sell a wide variety of marijuana smoking accessories, including blown glass pipes, glass bongs, vape pens, chillums, bubblers, and hookahs. Blown Glass Gifts is located in Denver and they have both a physical location and an online store,  If you are tired of your current pipe or smoking device and you are looking for something new, or you are looking to buy a special gift for a smoking enthusiast in your life, Blown Glass Gifts is the place to go.

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