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In November 2012, the voters in Colorado passed Amendment 64, legalizing marijuana use for all those above the age of 21.  The backers of the legislation were able to leverage increased taxes on the sale of the drug, with much of the proceeds going to kids and schools.  There was a lot of apprehension from citizens around how the state would be perceived and treated once weed became legal.  Well, after around eight months of the substance being legal, the difference is barely noticeable.  Yes, you have smelled it a bit more than in the past, but that is not to say that it is an annoyance or something like that.  Farther from the issue is that you may have actually went into a store to check it out.  It is not only something novel, but it offers a great way for people to seek out something, benefiting the community through taxes, where there was a previously huge and vibrant black market.  While the black market still exists, due to the high cost, it has been diminished and will continue to fade as people spend more due to the high quality and the convenience of the drug.

In addition to the number of stores that have opened to vend the drug, many secondary markets have been created through the legislation.  Some of these are even just smoking accessories made here in Colorado.  These accessories are the pipes, bongs, and other products that make the smoking process more enjoyable for people that like to toke up.  Every time you go to a concert at Red Rocks or happen to be standing outside the Grateful Dead bar, Sancho‚Äôs, you will come across people opening up briefcases to reveal tens of these beautifully blown glass pipes for sale.  People have come from all over the country to hone their glass blowing talents here in Colorado and to promote their own business.  Nevertheless, just because weed was recently legalized does not mean that many of the shops that are selling the smoking accessories have not been here for a very long time.  For example, Blown Glass Gifts has hawked smoking paraphernalia for a very long time in the state.  They have a long history of engaging smokers to take their hobby to a whole other level.  In doing so, they have also allowed for people to invest a lot of money into the state.  The taxes from these kinds of sales do a great bit of good for the general fund and hopefully that will continue to grow, benefiting schools, roads, and construction.  It is great to be able to live in the state that is able to readily accept that people are going to be smoking marijuana and as a result, it should be made more mainstream so that society can benefit from this practice.  Hopefully this continues to happen into the future.  It would be a great thing for the state to continue similar practices and the mainstreaming of drugs and alcohol.